School Clubs

Breakfast Club

We have a Breakfast Club in school which runs from 8am – 8.30 am Monday to Friday. At 8.30am the children are taken by staff to their classrooms for the start of their school day. Children can attend whenever they want at a cost of £2 per day. There is a choice of cereals, toast, yogurt, and a drink each day. We also alternate between pancakes, bagels and crumpets in place of toast. After breakfast, there are activities and games for the children to enjoy.

Breakfast club is paid for via Parent Pay – please speak to school office to arrange this.

After School Clubs

These will change each term and letters are sent out via email at the end of each to apply for a place. These are on a first come, first served basis and any child not receiving a place will be put on a waiting list for the next term. If you have not received a place, please do not send your child. Confirmation will be sent out via text message.
Clubs run from 3.30–4.30pm and are funded by our Sport Premium Grant, so are free of charge to pupils.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  KS2 – Dodgeball KS2 – Choir and Table Tennis KS1 – Ball Games KS2 – Gymnastics and Film Club  KS2 – Dance

Details about additional school clubs will be shared in our weekly newsletters.

Urmston School’s Netball League Fixtures 2019-20 – to be updated 


Cross Country Calendar

  John Leigh Park Altrincham   Crossford Bridge
Saturday 21st September 9.45am Saturday 2nd November 9.45am
Saturday 5th October 9.45am Saturday 7th  December 9.45am
Saturday 16th November                9.45am Saturday 1st February 9.45am

Event starts at 10 am but pupils need to be there for 9.45 am.

Mr Williams will send out selection slips to pupils invited to attend sessions. On the slips will be an out of school hours phone number so you can let us know if your child can not attend on the day.

Football League Fixtures

Download the Urmston and District football fixtures – to be updated

  • Tuesday matches 3.55pm – 4.55pm – All take place at George Carnell Sports Centre –  we MUST be out of the hall for 4.55pm
  • Wednesday matches 4-5pm
  • Spectators can stay to watch but we are not allowed chairs at the side of the courts.

Rules of play:

  • One boy is allowed on court .
  • Players can be marked with both arms from 3 feet away – one jump also allowed, no contact.
  • Matches are 7 minutes each way.
  • Teams to provide an umpire for their games or ask opposition teams if you are not available.
  • Please text or email me results.
  • If you are unable to attend a fixture please let the other teams know asap.