School Council

Our schools provides the opportunity for freedom of speech, promoting the ‘student voice’ and providing a safe environment to share and constructively question ideas. We promote positive rapports with all staff, student and parents, contributing to an internal dialogue that we hope will continue to improve our schools’ effectiveness.

See below for more information about our School Council.

Elections held for School Councillors appointed the following pupils:

Year 2 – Phin and Azlaan

Year 3 –Georgia and Adam

Year 3 – Celina and Dominik

Year 4 –Gabriellah and Alfie

Year 5 – Shaan and Lily

Year 6 – Freya and James

KS2 lower – Aaron and Olivia

KS2 upper – Tiana and Andrew

Our School Council Co-ordinator is Miss L Breslin.

Acre Hall Primary School Council Responsibilities

School Council overview

Minutes of 2018/19 School Council Meetings

Minutes of meeting 12th October 2018

Minutes of meeting 16th November 2018

Gallery of 2018/19 School Council


Minutes of 2017/18 School Council Meetings

Meeting 25.03.2018

Meeting 12.01.2018

Meeting 6.10.2017